Golfing while Rome Burns

Last summer I heard an interview with an illustrator who said that to really understand someone you should try drawing them. I decided to try and understand the President but realized I wouldn’t be able to do that from memory so I searched some images on the internet. There weren’t a lot of flattering images of the him. I’m not sure if that is a reflection of him, the media’s portrayal of him, or the algorithms of my search engine that contributed to that. Most likely this was a combination of all of these factors. Eventually I selected an image from The Apprentice since I thought it was the most accurate portrayal of the person he imagines himself to be.

Once again, I wasn’t coming up with a flattering image.

So I decided to trace him.

Hands not to scale

A year later, a pandemic has the world in a holding pattern, one in 4 workers in the US has filed for unemployment and the city I called home for two decades is literally on fire. I’m done trying to portray him in a flattering image but I do think I have a better understanding of him.

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